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AVAILABLE NOW! The Chief Executive Artist bundle from award-winning filmmaker Ondi Timoner features three short films about powerhouse artists Shepard Fairey, Russell Brand, and Amanda Palmer. A portion of the proceed...

How To Use Big Data to Engage Your Customers – James McQuivey Explains

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Collecting data is only useful to companies who know how to use that data to give something back to consumers.  As customers we should come to expect a better return of goods in exchange for sharing our data.  Here, M...

Is Big Brother Here to Stay? James McQuivey on Government Surveillance

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Just as artists and companies can collect incredible amounts of data on fans and consumers, so too can governments collect information about its citizens. So, is there no turning back? Watch as James  McQuivey explain...

Artists Have More Power Than Ever – How To Become a Big Brand

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Artists and Content Creators Rejoice! The same platforms available to large corporations are available to artists so we can make strong connections with our fans.  James McQuivey from Forrester Research explains how t...

A Total Disruption - Who We Are

A Total Disruption – About Us | Feeding the Innovators in All of Us

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A Total Disruption - Start Yours NowA Total Disruption is here to feed the innovator in you. Find out what it takes to startup and succeed from the greatest creators of our time.

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Demystifying Law: How LegalZoom Uses Technology to Make Law Affordable

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“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” Benjamin Franklin once wrote. As a small business owner, independent filmmaker and single mother I would add legal fees to this list. For cent...

Central Park Group – Offering The World Access

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Having worked together at two financial services firms Greg Brousseau and Mitchell Tanzman noticed “Institutions had access to managers and strategies, that the individual just didn’t have access to.” So they decided ...

How 20 Million Minds Uses Tech to Disrupt Education

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Once a mother who dropped her son off at his public elementary school, I’ve now become the art teacher and started a book club to compensate for cuts in vital programs due to lack of funding.  Meanwhile, the rote memo...


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As we plunge headlong into 2014, there are now more mobile devices on the planet than people. The disruption in telecommunications has been astonishingly rapid and far-reaching, and we are only now witnessing a fracti...

You Don’t Know @Jack… But He Knows You.

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My Visit with Founder Jack Dorsey on the Occasion of Twitter’s IPO by Ondi Timoner On my last total disruption go-round in the Bay Area, I ended up at Twitter HQ looking to find Jack Dorsey.  I was following my crew...

My Visit with THE LORD OF THE STARTUPS: Y Combinator’s Paul Graham

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After filming so many successful graduates of the world-famous preparatory academy for entrepreneurs, Y Combinator, for A TOTAL DISRUPTION, I was inspired to journey up the river and find their leader.  I quickly disc...

Episodes from The Pivot


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My encounter with this year's Webby award-winner for best travel application began, unexpectedly, when I was shooting my documentary talk show, BYOD. I was at the Fast Company lounge at SXSW, interviewing the director...

The Pivot Trailer

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The 6 Pivots of Hot or Not – James Hong

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In this new episode of THE PIVOT, Hot or Not’s James Hong explains how he set out to create a fun way to compare and rate people’s attractiveness online and quickly discovered that success can kill if you don't figure...

Intel Memory Chip Pioneers Offer Consumer, Design & Technology Insight

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Intel memory chip pioneers explain how they took a huge leap of faith by exiting the memory business in order to commit to microprocessors. In reinventing the company, the founders abandoned more than a decade of work...

LiveOps Pivots & Emerges Cloud Customer Service Leader

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Pivot expert Marty Beard turns LiveOps telephone-based customer service platform into a cloud-based one that embraces social media. In A Total Disruption's latest Pivot, Marty shares the results and dishes great advic...

Box Pivot: Childhood Friends Form Billion Dollar Company

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Box Pivot: In our latest episode of "The Pivot" childhood friends Dylan Smith and Aaron Levie worked around the clock to make their company Box live after only two months - which through a series of pivots has become ...